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FAA Knowledge Test Changes…

FAA Knowledge Tests Changing

The FAA is in the process of adding 93,000 new questions to the knowledge test banks. Currently there are 7,000 for all certificates and ratings. As you may have heard the CFI, Fundamentals of instruction, Flight Engineer and ATP tests are already being affected. Those tests have around 1/3 new questions. The instrument rating airplane test is also affected with around 12 percent new questions.

Coming Soon… changes to the Private and Commercial knowledge exams.

FAA is NOT publishing the questions so no test preparation company will have access to the questions to publish books as we currently have access to. We would have to gather the new questions by exit interviews etc. So, if you are considering learning to fly, or are currently in training you should take the test as soon as possible.

The knowledge test is good for TWO YEARS, so study for it NOW. When the questions change, which could be as soon as tomorrow, the test will be much harder. In fact the failure rate on the CFI, Fundamentals of Instruction and so on are now approaching 50 percent.

Courtesy Darren Smith. www.cfidarren.com

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Discuss: “FAA Knowledge Test Changes…”

  1. March 23, 2011 at 7:50 pm #

    excellent post

    Posted by Toby Wallis
  2. June 3, 2011 at 2:33 pm #

    Here is the situation the ATP, FOI and FE, writtens where changed in february the rest will all be changed in 10 days. June 13th is the release date for the new tests. What the FAA is doing is it is not releasing the questions to the public anymore because they are tired of dumb pilots who have no knowledge because the just memorize question and answer and don’t have a clue about the subject itself.
    I have been instructing for quite a while and when my students ask for help with the written I either teach them the subject myself, if they have the time and money or advise them to purchase the software from Pilottrainingsolutions.com. So far they only have the Private and Instrument written prep but its very well done entertaining, it covers all the material in an easy way and most of all gets the job done (the student that had the lowest score using their software had a 92% on an instrument). I am happy with them and will keep using their software, can’t wait to see the commercial and ATP prep software from them..

    Posted by The Rouge
  3. June 4, 2011 at 10:55 am #

    Have had the same problem with some of the guys I go to school with here in FL. One of my friends took the IRA written the other day – barely passed it – said there are already new questions on it.

    Picked up the pilot training solutions program last week – pretty good stuff. Definitely recommend.

    Posted by Nerissa Anne

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